2017 How Much Does it Cost to Remove Asbestos?

Asbestos is better called a type of mineral fiber that may be identified by using a microscope. When talking relating to this fiber although people usually use the term asbestos, there are now several types of asbestos fibers.

In the early 1900’s, scientists found the very first instance of Asbestosis, which is progressive fibrosis of the lungs. In 1931, the definition of Mesothelioma eventually found its way to medical literature.

This rare form of cancer can be brought on by asbestos. The 1970’s, asbestos finally prohibited from being used as a building material in America.

2017 How Much Does it Cost to Remove Asbestos?


Although asbestos cannot be legally used in the creation of houses, there continue to be many old buildings in which asbestos was utilized in a few way.

Lots of homeowners find that old conduits or ducts are covered or wrapped in an asbestos compound. It is because asbestos was regularly used as a type of insulating material.

Because asbestos flakes and crumbles quite easily, it is suggested that anyone who purchases old houses should have them checked for the fibers. It releases very harmful dust into the air, once asbestos starts to flake.

Because the dust discharged by asbestos is known as a dangerous carcinogen, which could cause lung cancer, it’s always advised that the homeowner hires professionals to remove asbestos from a house. In some instances, asbestos could be enclosed and left.

In the event, the asbestos has started to degrade to some stage where it needs to be removed merely a specialist can tell a homeowner.

Job Costs

It is suggested that homeowners contact professionals to remove it since there are strict regulations in the removal of asbestos. Labor costs related to the removal of asbestos rage from $200 to $700 per hour.

Before hiring a contractor to eliminate asbestos, however, the homeowner will need to start with an inspection. This needs to be done both before and after the removal of the asbestos to ensure it all has been removed.

The cost of performing a pre- and post-asbestos review is normally around $600 to $1,000. Hence, the general cost of having it removed and inspecting a house for asbestos will typically run between $800 and $1,700, depending on the state which in and city the dwelling is located.

Material Costs

One reason why removing asbestos from a house costs so much is because of materials and the special gear that contractors need certainly to use to remove it.

This might not be a total record of the contents that professional contractors have to eliminate asbestos from a property, and also the prices are based on an average. The cost of each unit may be higher or lower.

  • Respirators – $150 per unit
  • Eyewear – $20 per unit
  • Disposable Coveralls – $50 per unit
  • Rubber Boots – $30 per unit
  • Disposable Gloves – $10 per box
  • HEPA Vacuum – $1000
  • HEPA Vacuums

They are going to probably make use of a High-Efficiency Particulate Air vacuum after removing it when a contractor is cleaning up all of the asbestos. To be able to be considered a HEPA vacuum or a HEPA filter, it needs to remove at least 99.97 percent of all particles that pass through it.

The smallest size that the filters can catch is typically 0.3 microns. It is an essential number as the most normal dust size that comes from asbestos is 0.5 microns, but some uncommon forms can be smaller.

These sorts of vacuums are very successful in cleaning up the dust that is left behind by asbestos. It truly is usually recommended that their entire house cleans using a HEPA vacuum whenever they’ve had asbestos removed. This guarantees that all of the particles that might have now been left behind are disposed of.

Not all HEPA vacuums are perfect for cleaning up asbestos. The same as any of the other product or device, there are some varieties of HEPA vacuums. A number of them simply work better than many others.

All these are normally not industrial strength and can not do a great job at removing all of the asbestos while some HEPA vacuums are available for as very little as a couple of hundred dollars. Among the essential things that homeowners should keep in mind is the manoeuvrability of the vacuum.

This is supposed to be among the primary concerns. That said, the manoeuvrability must be correctly balanced using the ability of the vacuum. When it is a big endeavour, a HEPA vacuum that is bigger is going to be needed.

The homeowner will want a large vacuum to be sure that the job goes quickly. At the same time, the larger the vacuum, the manoeuvrability it’s.

Various Kinds of Asbestos

You will find there are only three major kinds of asbestos and each one includes a different fiber size. Thankfully, most of them are large enough to be picked up by a HEPA vacuum. The most dangerous type of asbestos is crocidolite.

This asbestos ranges in size from 0.7 to 0.9 microns. An extremely different type of asbestos is amosite. Also it ranges in size from .20 to .26 microns.

That is the only kind of asbestos that could pass by most HEPA vacuums unless it is industrial strength. Last is the most common kind of Asbestos, Chrysotile. The fibers that make up this asbestos range in size from 0.5 to 0.6 microns.


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